Khalil Badran

Chairman of Board of Directors


In Faraj fund, with the help of its wise leadership and sound strategies, we strive to alleviate the hardship of inmates held in the Penal and Correctional Institutions and their families by assisting five categories of people including, inmates who are unable to pay their civil debts, inmates who are unable to pay the blood money, defendants with outstanding court fees and other judicial expenses and supporting families who are unable to provide for themselves in the absence of a breadwinner.

Our top priority is to spread the concept of benevolence and humanitarian values ingraining it in the society of UAE and in our constant pursuit to support the importance of happiness and tolerance, especially, to the inmates and their families, we adopt advanced strategies envisioning the future under the directives of its wise leadership by developing new working methodology, collecting donations, implementing charity campaigns and personal visits to the families of inmates to alleviate their burdens, while hoping to achieve more success in the Fund's journey which has witnessed progressive developments since its establishment.


Under the patronage and guidance of HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Faraj Fund was established through Ministerial Decree No 300 for the year 2009 from the Minister of Social Affairs to give priority assistance to Indigent Inmates, Inmate's Families


To fund humanitarian work, supporting the insolvent inmates burdened with debt and financial commitments.


Providing humanitarian assistance to inmates incinerated in Penal and Correctional Institutions due to their financial debts, settled through innovative ways in monetary and in-kind donations.


Human brotherhood, positive citizenship, tolerance, community responsibility


Foster a spirit of unity and social solidarity
Confirm that the institution adheres to the modern concepts of correctional and penal reform.
Ensure a decent life for the inmate's family.
Contribute to the payment of debts