17.08.2021Dubai Islamic Bank supports Al Faraj Fund with 5 million dirhams

The Faraj Fund, in collaboration with Dubai Islamic Bank, launched the "Furejat" initiative to support and assist through the release of insolvent inmates held in penal and correctional institutions and easing the distressing circumstances of their families.

Dubai Islamic Bank provided 5 million dirhams in financial support to the Faraj Fund from zakat money, and 37 insolvent inmates indicted in financial cases released before Eid Al-Adha benefited from it. This falls within the framework of the social responsibility of the private sector in cooperation with Faraj Fund to promote social solidarity, which aims at providing a decent life for the inmates and their families.

Khalil Daoud Badran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Faraj Fund, stressed the importance of the partnership between the Fund and Dubai Islamic Bank, which is one of the largest supporters of charitable programs and humanitarian initiatives implemented by Faraj Fund.

further explained that Faraj fund works under the supervision of the Ministry of Community Development, which supports all social and humanitarian initiatives, aimed at social solidarity and strengthening partnership with various government institutions and departments to achieve the goals and missions of UAE, giving attention to human rights and other social principles supporting the concept of the family entity and its continuous upkeep in unity being the fundamental element to a .society