16.09.2021Faraj Fund Board of Directors

Faraj Fund embodies the values ​​of tolerance and unity that are firmly rooted in the Emirati society and is one of the leading models of community humanitarian leader that has effectively contributed to alleviating the suffering of insolvent inmates held in Penal and Correctional institutions while extending assistance to their families when the inmates are unable to provide for them.

The board of directors of the Al-Faraj Fund are composed of: 

His Excellency / Khalil Daoud Badran (Chairman of the Board) 

His Excellency / Mohammed Al-Awadi Yahya Al-Menhali (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors) 

Mr. Omar Ibrahim Al Ali (Secretary General) 

Mr. Burqan Ahmed Abdullah Ibrahim Al Hammad (Treasurer) 

Mr. Hamad Abdulrahman Ali Al Nuaimi (Member of the Board of Directors - General Manager) 

Mr. Hamad Khamis Al Dhaheri (Member of the Board of Directors) 

Mr. Rashid Khalfan Al-Dakhri (Member of the Board of Directors)

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Bu Haroon Al Shamsi (Member of the Board of Directors) 

Ms. Dana Hamid Al Marzouqi (Member of the Board of Directors)